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Dubai Developments - Bim coordinationBuilding Information Modelling, or BIM is an integrated digital process providing coordinated and reliable information about a project through all of its phases – from design to construction and operation. The key word in here is “coordinated.” In order to run a BIM project successfully, there needs to be a lynchpin at the centre of the scheme. This means someone who can successfully manage the data, the process and make sure that BIM protocols are followed and that key stakeholders are all working with the BIM process to ensure success.

BIM Coordination is a specific process or workflow that requires proper management and a coordinated approach in order to be successful. BIM is an integrated data led process that enables project teams to manage information and data about a project, from the design stage, to the construction stage and then the management of the building long term – even up to its eventual demolition. BIM is an incredibly useful process which can help project teams to reduce materials, manpower costs, source better quality materials, reduce wastage and help to reduce construction time.

There are generally two key roles within a BIM project; a BIM Coordinator and an Information Manager. A BIM Coordinator can also fulfil the role of Information Manager if required, but would generally have a wider set of responsibilities than the Information Manager. A BIM Coordinator will be an integral part of the design team, establishing and managing the BIM project workflow and being responsible for quality, clash detection and data conversion.

A BIM Coordinator will have a broad range of responsibilities within a project, but will primarily be concerned with:

  • Developing, implementing and maintaining the BIM Protocol for the project.
  • Ensuring that all stakeholders are on board with the project goals and understand the BIM process and their role within it.
  • Establishing robust quality control procedures to ensure that all models and datasets are accurate and that the level of information is fit for purpose.
  • Identifying and documenting clashes using clash detection software.
  • Recording and monitoring the shared data and relationships between models, for example grids, floor levels and shared project coordinates.
  • Following the mandated BIM Collaboration Procedures.
  • Coordinating the data modelling and management process.
  • Coordinating the project teams and liaising with the design team and client to ensure success.

Therefore the BIM Coordinator is a key figure in a project team, as they are responsible for the BIM workflow and ensuring that any potential issues are dealt with effectively. They also reduce costs and construction time and laying the foundations for the ongoing management of the completed building.

At The CAD Room, BIM Coordination Services are offered alongside CAD Services, meaning that we are able to offer clients Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and all the benefits that these bring to a project.

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