CAD & BIM Operator Jobs Responsibilities

CAD design is used in many industries, from manufacturing and engineering to construction and architecture; the CAD Room specialise in creating design plans for contractors in the building industry. CAD jobs are diverse and roles can vary between companies, however the core skills of CAD Operator jobs remain consistent.

Core CAD skills include:

–    Strong technical skills and knowledge.

–    Competent use of CAD software.

–    Sound understanding of engineering practice.

–    Critical thinking and problem solving.

–    Spatial awareness and knowledge of building services.

–    An eye for detail and design.

–    Time management and the ability to meet deadlines.

A CAD Operator uses sophisticated CAD software to produce detailed electronic drawings or design plans of buildings and machinery. BIM Operator jobs are similar, but design plans are specially made for buildings or architectural structures. Using computer software CAD Operators and CAD Technicians draw outlines, scales and components to produce electronic blueprints. These 2D and 3D plans feature precise scales, dimensions and textual descriptions and give comprehensive cost assessments and assembly instructions. During the design process, every detail is meticulously deliberated as CAD design plans form a central instruction manual – they contain all of the information one would need to build the structure in real life.

On a day-to-day basis, a CAD Operator will be involved in individual projects and are responsible for producing a design plan for a specific area within that project. Some projects are so large and multi-faceted that any number of CAD Operators can be working together on the project at once.

A key benefit of using advanced electronic software is that plans can be easily edited and adapted throughout the design process. Information at all stages is also safely stored and is instantly accessible. A fundamental feature of BIM is the management of information throughout the lifecycle of a built asset, so it is vital that BIM Operators have access to information at every stage of a project. Analysis of information is a key part of BIM Operator jobs.

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