CAD Technician jobs Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire

Technician jobs in Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire, example work

In recent years, we have witnessed a boom in CAD and BIM industries; the building services industry in Manchester grows by the day. It’s safe to say that we at The CAD Room are busier than ever! As the business expands, we take on more staff, so we are often advertising CAD jobs in Stockport.

Our headquarters in Marple are a hive of activity as we take on more clients and projects. Although we are based in the UK and have many clients here, we also have strong international connections in the UAE, especially in Dubai. So, unlike some CAD Technician jobs in Manchester, if you work for The CAD Room you will have the opportunity to be part of innovative international projects. Additionally, one advantage of working within a local company is that you can assume more responsibility and be more involved in projects than you might be in larger multi-national corporations. Our team work on diverse projects, using state-of-the-art technical operating systems to create sophisticated, reliable and exceptionally detailed blueprints of products, buildings and structures.

The CAD Room are a close-knit team and our staff are our first priority. We care about our employees and make sure that we look after them, because without them there would be no CAD Room. We strive to create nice environment for our staff to work in, as happy employees are productive employees. Having a supportive and cohesive team is key to business success. We encourage communication to strengthen our team, but also because BIM and CAD projects require cooperation, as multiple teams can be working together on a single project, so liaising between teams and staff members is imperative.

Would you like the opportunity to work on exciting CAD and BIM projects in the UK and abroad and be part of a great team? Then keep an eye out for our CAD jobs in Manchester.

If you have previous experience of CAD or BIM and are hardworking, dedicated and have a keen eye for design, you might be just who we’re looking for! For more information on our CAD jobs in Cheshire and Stockport, please see our CAD Room Jobs page.