Meet The Team

Grant Hood
Grant HoodThe Boss
In my job spatial awareness is absolutely key, and understanding how all the aspects of the engineering environment translate into a 3D environment is also crucial.

I manage all of the projects, from basic 2D to our more complex 3D coordination projects. I also enjoy getting my hands dirty and getting involved in the coordination myself.

Favourite place: Kruger National Park from my homeland in sunny South Africa. Watching wildlife roam freely in their natural environment is one of the best things in the world.

My personality in 3 words: sarcastic, reliable and confident.

What type of boss am I? Mellow, relaxed and laidback. I like to have a laugh.

Nick Wolfenden
Nick WolfendenSenior BIM Project Manager
My job involves management, problem solving, communication and development. My favourite aspect of my job is problem solving, because I enjoy analytical thinking.

On a day to day basis, I manage all 2D projects, overseeing the 2D CAD technicians team, and I project manage larger 3D BIM projects, including 3D coordination.

Favourite food: Thai food – especially pad thai. I travelled around Thailand for 6 months and loved the food.

Background: I have a Masters in Sports Science and Nutrition from Loughborough University.

Hobbies: football and swimming

Our Valuable Team Members

GeorgeJunior BIM Coordinator
In my job involves analysing service design, logical thinking and problem solving. Spatial awareness is also important when coordinating services.

Hobbies/interests: gym, clubbing/socialising, travelling and xbox. I love listening to music and enjoy going to see live acts and DJs.

Fun fact: I once broke my collar bone cycling into a lamp post – sober!

Role model: my three closest friends. They’re everything you could ask for – loyal, trustworthy and kind. They’re also a great laugh!

DanielProject BIM Technician
The skills needed to do my job are analytical thinking, spatial awareness, and strategic thinking. You also need to be able to focus for long periods and pay attention to detail.

My job entails coordination of building services, modelling and content creation.

Favourite place: Bordeaux – good friends, good weather, good food and the best wine!

My personality in 3 words: concise, friendly and considerate.

Janine Project BIM Technician
The skills needed to do my job are 3D awareness and the ability to sit still for hours on end!

I have been working at The CAD Room for a year. My job involves coordination and creating amazing visual renders/frames.

My personality in 3 words: quiet, conscientious and sarcastic.

Background: recent graduate. I attended Bournemouth University and studied Animation.

TimProject BIM Technician
The skills needed to do my job are industry awareness, knowledge of building services and keeping up to date with the latest technological developments.

My job involves modelling coordinated services, managing projects and meeting deadlines.

My wish: to end climate change.

Favourite food: my homemade lasagne.

Alina Trainee BIM Technician
My job requires patience and spatial awareness.

Hobbies/interests: I enjoy travelling. I am originally from Moscow, Russia, and my family still live there, so I visit when I can.

Fun fact: I’m bilingual / I have a background in graphic design.

Role model: no one, “I think I’m unique enough.”