20 03, 2019

Going Digital in Construction Part Two: Strategy Making

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As part of our series of posts looking at the UK BIM Alliance, "Going Digital: A Guide for Construction Clients" – released this month – we are going to look at Module 2: Strategy Making. If you remember, Module One was about the client becoming aware of what BIM is and the scope of work ...

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8 03, 2019

Women in BIM: Job Roles and Responsibilities

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The UK construction industry has traditionally been known as a male-dominated one, but as we have mentioned before, it is working hard to try and redress this balance and get more women into a wide range of construction roles – which will also help with skills shortages. Construction is by no means the only industry ...

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5 02, 2019

BIM: Where to start

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We've talked a lot in our recent blog posts about how BIM services are such a boon for the construction industry, but a lot of construction companies are slow at utilising them through lack of knowledge. Here we share some information for these businesses to help them to get started with BIM and move along the ...

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21 01, 2019

Going Digital in Construction: An Overview

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Following on from our last blog post about why the construction industry is so slow to become digital, in this post we will take a look at the UK BIM Alliance latest report, entitled: "Going Digital: A Guide for construction clients, building owners and their advisors.' The UK BIM Alliance was set up in 2016 ...

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29 10, 2018

The Benefits of BIM Services for Construction

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The buzzword of the moment in the world of Architecture, Engineering and Construction is BIM. However, we know there is still a lot of confusion over BIM services and how they can help construction contractors. One commonly held belief about BIM, for example, is that it is a technology, which is not the case. BIM actually ...

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22 10, 2018

BIM and Facilities Management

By |2018-10-22T10:59:01+01:00October 22nd, 2018|BIM Services|0 Comments

As a BIM company, much of our time is spent on producing high-quality CAD solutions for consulting engineers, and mechanical and electrical contractors which means we deal with facilities management (FM) issues as well. The introduction of BIM to the construction process has the potential to add significant value to the approach to FM, so ...

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8 10, 2018

How BIM has benefitted Hospital Design and Construction

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Building design, development and construction today rely on a variety of tools - with BIM being just one of them. BIM promotes more informed decision making throughout the whole construction process, which not only improves profitability but reduces errors as well. In addition, civil construction projects, residential projects and commercial buildings, building design for healthcare ...

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20 08, 2018

How is technology going to affect the future of BIM Services?

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Technology is changing most tasks that we undertake in our daily lives, and also our jobs, especially for those who work in the word of design, construction and bim services. Traditionally, building design has always been a little bit of a compromise: juggling budget, time restrictions, and computing power often means that the number of ...

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26 07, 2018

Summary of the main findings from The National BIM Report 2018

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For the last eight years, the NBS (National Building Specification) has undertaken a national BIM survey to discover valuable insights into BIM adoption, people's general attitudes towards BIM as well as whether the UK Government’s BIM Mandate is working or not. This year was no exception, and as a company who work with many building services ...

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13 09, 2017

What Does our BIM Level 2 Certification Mean?

By |2017-09-13T10:30:10+01:00September 13th, 2017|BIM Services|Comments Off on What Does our BIM Level 2 Certification Mean?

In case you missed it we recently announced that we were delighted to have achieved BSI Status for Level 2 BIM - but what does that mean? As we have talked about before, BIM is a new way of working for the construction industry that is all about collaboration. Back in 2011, the UK Government ...

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