3D Cad Services

Detailed Coordination and walkthroughs using 3D software for construction working drawings and presentation layouts

Coordination has always been a necessity in the design development of the building services programme, the need to maintain access and servicing after the install is as important as the install itself. 3D software allows us to perform this task accurately and in a more cost productive manner reducing errors and redraws. Over the years we have gained essential experiences in coordinating complex plantrooms and floor plans for all types of building from hospital to industry units using Autocad FABMEP+ (previously known as Cadduct). We also produce manufactures layouts so that plantrooms and modules can be assembled offsite, reducing installation time on site.

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Benefits of 3D Modelling

The team at The Cad Room have a wealth of knowledge and experience which means that they are able to convert your ideas from paper to a superb quality 3D CAD model quickly and easily.

3D Modelling transforms an idea into an easy to understand, high-impact image which enables individuals to view and understand their design in a more realistic way. The benefits of bringing the design to life this way are:

  • Ability to understand and comment on the design without actually incurring material costs
  • Improved control of material and finishes selection
  • Visualisation of the completed design in existing surroundings

Our 3D Cad Project Portfolio

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Whether you need a simple sketch to a complete drawing project or a full detailed service, our aim is always to provide quality drawings at a cost effective rate to suit your deadline.
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