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BIM or Building Information Modelling, is a collaborative approach to design and construction, which provides intelligent information that is available throughout the life-cycle of the building.

Intelligent 3D project management using Revit MEP Suite a collaborative design software from Autodesk

The UK government is committed to have collaborative 3D BIM Compliance on its public sectors projects by 2016. The implementation of BIM by the UK Government and the major contractors in our industry means that the requirement to understand and use BIM will eventually impact us all from Architects to Engineers. Drawings are a vital part of the build process and BIM is the next natural step in the evolution of the construction drawing process.  The ability to show detailed information from floor plans, sections and 3D renders in a collaborative form is the future for the building industry.

We have developed and implemented procedures into creating a smooth running and cost effective way for us to provide the necessary resource to aid any size project that might require BIM services utilising software tools that include Autodesk’s Revit Suite. We can create BIM families for any specific part needed that has not already created by the manufacturer, who are slowly making the massive step to supplying the necessary information at a click of a button to import into models.

Our BIM Compliant Services

Utilising BIM on any project allows all information about that project to flow freely between everybody involved – from architects to engineers, through technical specialists, to owners and operators. This easy flow of information then enables more productive, open working relationships to be developed meaning that the project should flow more smoothly.
The use of BIM enables information about the project to be embedded in the design – such information as materials and the energy efficiency of a building. The amount of information which can be shared helps the CAD Room team to achieve even better accurate drawings.
  • BIM supports totally coordinated design development and engineering
  • BIM provides construction partners with real time product, delivery and installation information
  • BIM enables any facilities management personnel to create an intelligent operation and maintenance manual
  • BIM enables everyone involved in the project to easily visualise the end result
Major contractors have developed offsite capabilities to help with installation time, costs, man power and health and safety on site. The cad room have been creating detailed manufacturing drawings from simple mechanical items to complex plantrooms. We have experience in coordinating complex corridor systems for offsite manufacture of module frames from 2.4m to 4.8m lengths.

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