In the world of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) there is a constant expectation placed on contractors to not only deliver projects faster but also at a lower cost to clients. This expectation can often lead to challenges at the design stage, leaving no buffer for errors or clashes – as these can lead to loss of money, resources and time.

AEC outputs are known as pillars of building projects as if one fails then the whole project is at risk. This is why an integrated design approach is critical to save costs and improve productivity – which is where MEP coordination comes into play.

MEP coordination and BIM modelling

MEP in building design refers to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing issues of the design – and it plays a crucial role in the planning of construction, the estimating of costs, accurate documentation and the future operation and management of the end facility.

MEP coordination acts as the link between the architectural design, the engineering system and the construction process through the use of 3D models of the MEP design details. These models can then be checked for clashes using the software clash detection features, and then they can be developed into effective MEP coordination drawings and service installation drawings.

Using BIM software to coordinate MEP systems in this way, not only facilitates the identification of clashes and reduces the amount of reworking needed, but also saves costs and increases efficiencies as well.

MEP professionals are constantly facing the challenge of dealing with design clashes – which can lead to fabrication changes and errors, duplication of effort and therefore higher costs. To avoid such issues, an interdisciplinary coordination approach should be undertaken to review all of the architectural, structural and MEP elements.

Outsourcing challenges associated with 3D MEP coordination

The move towards the use of BIM and 3D modelling by AEC has resulted from the increased demands from clients, which has also led to severed resource and skill shortages being highlighted for many firms.

MEP consultants are increasingly looking for ways to improve their efficiency, increase productivity, optimise their resources and reduce costs in order to deliver projects on time and within budget. This has led to an increase in the outsourcing of the MEP coordination process to BIM outsourcing companies, like The CAD Room, who can help companies to develop spatially coordinated building services models and 3D MEP coordination drawings for all of their construction and engineering projects.

There are some challenges that can be associated with working with an outsourced partner, however, and these include:

#1 Communication Challenges

Project failures can easily happen if there is a lack of frequent and proper communication between consultants, design teams and coordinators throughout the construction project. Here at The CAD Room, the whole team works hard at fostering a collaborative working environment and ensuring a two-way communication process is in place right from the beginning of the working relationship.

#2 Hardware and Software Compatibility

Compatibility of hardware and software should be a primary consideration when it comes to outsourcing MEP coordination – and is something that we take very seriously here at The CAD Room. We have a variety of tools at our fingertips in order to ensure we can get you the information you need, in the right format.

#3 Quality Compliance and Adherence to Standards

A quality delivery, as per contracts and applicable codes, is essential in MEP coordination projects to ensure successful implementation. This is even more so the case with complex construction projects, as the delivery of services as per quality standards and required codes are vital – and something you never have to worry about if you work with The CAD Room as your partner.

As the AEC industry continues to embrace new technologies and trends such as 3D printing and BIM, then MEP teams also need to stay updated, and the easiest way to do this is to work with a quality BIM outsourcing company such as The CAD Room.

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