As part of our Women in BIM series of blog posts, this month we are going to be talking about the role of an Office Manager. Not all positions within the world of BIM are CAD related, and the role of Office Manager cannot be understated. They are the people that ensure that the business runs efficiently after all. In this article, we will share some thoughts from Emma who is currently the Office Manager at The CAD Room.

Office Manager Responsibilities

The responsibilities of an Office Manager can be varied, and no two days will be the same! You could be involved in:

  • Arranging meetings and workshops
  • Arranging travel and accommodation
  • Creating and maintaining office systems
  • Ensuring all paperwork and processes are completed accurately and on time
  • Liaising with staff in other departments, such as Finance
  • Keeping records and databases
  • Managing online systems, such as databases and websites
  • Organising information in both paper and digital form
  • Producing paperwork and documentation
  • Scheduling and attending meetings

Depending on the business you work in though, your role may also encompass other areas. In Emma’s case, for example, she found that at The CAD Room she had the freedom to do whatever she wanted to really, and when she expressed an interest in HR, she was supported through the process of gaining a degree in HR Management. This means she now deals mainly with HR as well as looking after the finance side of things as well.

Qualifications and Training needed for Office Management

You can become an office manager if you have an HND or degree in pretty much any subject. But to further promote your chances of success you could look for relevant qualifications such as including business and administration qualifications, computing and information technology, human resource management, office procedure qualifications or even a business administration apprenticeship. Emma, Office Manager at The CAD Room, actually completed a business and administration apprenticeship while working with an engineering company – which has given her a fantastic understanding of the work that The CAD Room undertake.

Career Prospects

The role of Office Manager is not an entry-level position, and you would typically be expected to have previous administrative or managerial experience before taking on the job. Once you’re in the post and have some experience, you may then decide to take on some extra responsibilities – as Emma did. You could then choose to move into a different office in the same organisation or step up to senior management or Head of Department role.

If you are thinking about a role in office management, then why not consider working for a BIM company like The CAD Room? Emma herself had some concerns before accepting the position, as she thought being a male orientated environment it would be very different from the female orientated fashion company role she had worked in previously. However, speaking to Grant and Nick at The CAD Room she got a better understanding of the company and how it works and the people within it, and this quickly dispelled any worries she had. Emma herself said: “Grant is very supportive of progressing women and respectful of that.”

If The CAD Room sounds like the company for you and you would like to work in BIM or CAD, then please take a look at our careers page to see our current available opportunities.