Outsourcing BIM services are becoming more and more popular, with lots of companies now offering BIM Services to construction companies. But how do construction companies identify the best BIM service provider for their needs?  

The rapid increase in the population on a global scale has increased the demand for more efficient and sustainable residential and commercial buildings, as well as healthcare, hospitality and transportation facilities. BIM can create a sustainable impact in the bundling industry for architectural firms, contractors, engineers, project owners and stakeholders. 

However, BIM adoption and BIM implementation don’t come without challenges, including: 

  • A need for large investment into costly software 
  • Infrastructure requirements to be able to support BIM technology 
  • Lack of trained and skilled resources to utilise the BIM software 

Therefore, outsourcing BIM services has proved to be a very effective way for construction companies to be able to overcome these challenges. However, the credentials and competence of the BIM partner you choose could make or break your project. 

How do you choose the perfect BIM outsourcing partner? 

Choosing the right BIM partner is no easy task as the market is flooded with BIM outsourcing companies – all of which claim to have achieved significant success and have portfolios available on their websites.  

Therefore, the selection of a competent and trustworthy offshore BIM company needs meticulous evaluation in order to prevent construction hassles and losses at a later stage.  

The 5 things you need to keep in mind when selecting a BIM partner 

#1 Check their experience 

With so many companies presenting themselves as leading BIM service providers, it is really important to check the credibility of the company you are thinking of working with. You could look at their BIM projects portfolio, for example, to see their experience and the scope of projects they have been involved in. 

#2 Verify their credentials 

Don’t believe everything you read, especially when it comes to the delivery capabilities of a BIM company. The one thing that gives a BIM company an edge over its competitors is the skill of the resources associated with them, and so it is essential that you verify the credentials of the BUM architects and engineers associated with the company.   

You can request an initial meeting with the team to ensure personal verification of the credibility of the company and get a first-hand experience of their knowledge, skills, strengths, and technical expertise.  

#3 Check their references 

In a similar vein to point two, you should always check claims and corroborate facts – current and past clients are a good source of information and word of mouth references can be a great help when it comes to decision making. The feedback from repeat or new clients is the most authentic way of getting this, and you can gauge the strength of the company along with any challenges faced by them in the completion of the client’s project and how they dealt with these challenges.  

#4 Remember, the lowest cost is not always the best deal 

BIM involves a lot of labour and so a genuine company will always quote a price that is equal to the effort they put in. While it is important to not go over your budget, it is also important to not be swayed by companies offering the lowest price just to gain clients.  

A low cost or faster timeline does not always guarantee efficiency and may affect the end quality of the project negatively. Companies offering very low prices for BIM services may also lack the expertise or skill required to be able to create BIM models, which will result in poor quality BIM deliverables.  

#5 Check their use of automation and technology 

Adopting the latest technology and keeping up to date with automation is key to staying competitive in a global market. BIM in itself has a very promising future, where designing and constructing buildings will not only be safer and more efficient but also cheaper.  

 To ensure an efficient construction project, as well as a higher return on investment (RoI) and business growth, it is important for construction companies to choose a business partner that excels in automation and has knowledge of the new technology in BIM. 

Before you decide on your BIM outsourcing partner make sure your expectations line up with what they offer. What is the end goal you are trying to achieve and which reliable and trustworthy partner can help you achieve that?  

The BIM compliant services we offer at The CAD Room include shared knowledge and an intelligent model to enable more productive and open working relationships, allowing projects to flow more smoothly. 

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