BIM Acronyms Explained

Unless you live, breathe, sleep and eat BIM, some of the terms used within the industry can be confusing, and it can be hard to keep up in this fast-paced design and construction world. If you’re baffled by BIM, confused by CDE or mystified by MIPD, then this handy little guide is just what you need. We’ll be looking into some more of the terms used by BIM Practitioners next month too. 3d CAD Drawing 10

Building Information Modelling is known as BIM. BIM is a way of working and a process, rather than an actual physical product. Although software exists and is in use to support the process and contain and manage the data it uses.

PAS 1192 is the Publicly Available Specification 1192 series, published by the British Standards Institution. PAS 1192-2 comes in five parts, with parts two to five outlining a different aspect of BIM Level 2. The key part of the specification you will need for successful project delivery is PAS 1192-2. If your project is more focussed on asset management PAS 1192-3 is more relevant.

Data management and sharing is a key part of BIM and creating a CDE, or Common Data Environment is essential. A CDE is a shared digital space online which the whole project team can access. It is essential that data is kept securely and that procedures are in place to ensure its integrity and security.

The BIM EP is your BIM Execution Plan and is sometimes shortened even further to BEP. This is a document that is shared and agreed to by everyone on the project team. The BIM EP sets out how everyone will work together and what their responsibilities throughout the duration of the project. Typically a BIM EP will contain information about the roles and responsibilities of each project team member or stakeholder; intended deliverables and their timescales, procedures, and not least data management and sharing.

One of the key aspects of BIM is the Master Information Delivery Plan or MIDP. This is a key document that will have been developed from the BIM EP. The MIDP details what kind of data and information needs to be incorporated, who handles doing that, in what format and within an agreed timescale. The MIDP then feeds into smaller TIDPs, or Task Information Delivery Plans which in turn feed into the larger BIM master document.

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