29 01, 2018

What is a CAD Designer and how can you become one?

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In this article, we will take a look at the role of a trainee CAD designer, their job duties and the skills required so that you can think about whether this is the career for you or not. CAD design is a career which is great for those people who like to tinker about ...

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22 03, 2016

BIM Consultants

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What is a BIM Consultant’s role? With BIM (Building Information Modelling) being mandated for use in all centrally procured public sector projects (requiring implementation of BIM at Level 2) from next month (April 2016) in the UK, the spotlight is on design and construction firms to get BIM right. The industry has known about this ...

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8 03, 2016

CAD Technicians

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What does a CAD Technician do? As an expanding and growing business, The CAD Room are always looking to employ skilled CAD Technicians. Our CAD Technicians are a vital part of our project teams and their skills, knowledge and expertise are invaluable. But, what does a CAD Technician do? CAD Technicians are modern day draughtsmen. ...

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