What does a CAD Technician do?

As an expanding and growing business, The CAD Room are always looking to employ skilled CAD Technicians. Our CAD Technicians are a vital part of our project teams and their skills, knowledge and expertise are invaluable. But, what does a CAD Technician do?

CAD Technicians are modern day draughtsmen. They create 2D and 3D CAD drawings and plans using specialist CAD software, in the same way, a draughtsman would have drawn up plans using a pen and paper. CAD Technicians can work in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing and engineering. Most CAD Technicians choose a particular industry of expertise, in our case, our chosen field is construction and building design.CAD TECHNICIAN

Many CAD Technicians start their careers by becoming an apprentice in a CAD firm and learning on the job, while undertaking some additional learning, usually working towards a BTEC qualification in the field. Being a CAD Technician is a skilled job which requires a good level of maths and English as well as excellent IT skills.

On a day to day basis, a CAD Technician will spend most of their time drawing and creating 2D and 3D visualisations of the plans for a new building or structure. Most CAD Technicians work with a team of other CAD technicians and design engineers, all working either on small individual projects or together on a large piece of work. Much of the decision making regarding the plans will be done by a senior design engineer, but an experienced CAD Technician will be able to bring their own experience and expertise to the table.

Increasingly BIM (Building Information Modelling) is being incorporated into the design of a building project, and as a result, CAD Technicians have an important role to play in this, adding detail and data to their plans as they go along and helping to prepare estimates for building and labour costs. By working collaboratively with the BIM Manager on the project, a CAD Technician will fulfil a vital role in the BIM process.

A CAD Technician with a thorough understanding of specialist CAD software such as AutoCAD, and experience creating CAD drawings for a leading CAD company in the UK and UAE could potentially be able to work all over the world. Additionally, with the right experience and qualifications, a CAD Technician could be promoted to team leader, project manager or even site manager.

Working as a CAD Technician is a highly skilled role within an exciting and growing industry, choosing the right firm to work for can be difficult, but if you want to work on a range of interesting and innovative projects being built all over the world, then The CAD Room are global contenders in CAD. The CAD Room, based in Stockport offer CAD services in London and across the UK, have recently expanded into the UAE and are leading the field in CAD design globally.

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