As one of the few BIM Consulting Companies who has managed to achieved BSI Level 2 Status for BIM, we are aware that many people don’t know what that means or what it entails. In a recent blog post we gave a brief overview of what it means for us, and how it relates to PAS 1192 and so in this article, we would like to delve a little bit more into the PAS 1192 framework.

What is PAS 1192

PAS 1192 is basically a framework which sets out the requirements for the level of model detail, model definition, model information and model information exchanges required in a particular construction project. This is done using a series of documents which clearly set out the requirements for BIM level 2 and therefore, establish an effective framework for collaborative working through the project as a whole. These materials include:

PAS 1192-2: 2013 which covers the construction phase of a project, sets out the framework for achieving Level 2 maturity, defines the roles and responsibilities needed to achieve collaborative BIM, and also expands on the scope of the Common Data Environment (CDE)

PAS 1192-3: 2014 which covers the operational phase and facilities management such as the use and maintenance of the Asset Information Model

PAS 1192-4: 2014 which documents the best practice needed for the implementation of a Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) and so is more of a standard than a framework.

PAS 1192-5: 2015 which is the specification covering security for digital built environments, smart asset management, and building information modelling.

PAS 1192-2: 2013

PAS 1192 provides a best practice framework for the organisation, management and development of production information for the construction industry. It sets out a disciplined process for collaboration and the correct naming policy as well. It also contains a template for common naming conventions and covers the various approaches you could undertake to ensure collaborative working is adopted. PAS 1192-2 focuses on the area of project delivery which is where all of the information for the Project Information Model (PIM) appears, such as documents and graphical and non-graphical data. This specification is therefore useful for those people in the process who look after the construction, design, delivery, operation and maintenance of the building and the infrastructure assets.

PAS 1192-3: 2013

This specification guides asset managers on the best way to integrate the management of information over both long and short-term activity. It should be used in conjunction with PAS1192-2 as it focuses on the operational phase of the assets, whether they have been commissioned, acquired or already exist.

PAS1192-4: 2014

This document outlines the UK usage of COBie which facilitates the information exchange between the employer and the supply chain. We will explore COBie more in a blog post next month.

PAS1192-5: 2015

This specification is concerned with the security aspects of the management of BIM and digital built environments. It encourages a secure culture within organisations and outlines the steps required to create and cultivate compliance.

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