Looking back just 30 years to the advent of computers and AutoCAD software, it is clear to see that some architects and engineers at the time were struggling to make the change. As a company who offer services related to BIM in Dubai, we can see that another design revolution is currently taking place as BIM (Building Information Modelling) is changing not only the way the building designs are created but the industries approach to construction as a whole. But what do newcomers to the building industry need to know about BIM?

It’s Not Just a Tech Product

Due to the rapid adoption of computers and the internet, the majority of people today have heard of 3D Modelling software but are unaware of its full potential if it is used in a construction project. One of BIM’s core capabilities, for example, is to be able to create 3D virtual renderings of an architects design but the real beauty of BIM is that it also a fantastic sharing and communication platform.

You may not realise it but BIM isn’t a particular product, it is a group of solutions as can be seen from the variety of BIM developers around who are all offering different solutions – each with their own set of pros and cons. One thing that all BIM solutions offer though is the blending of outstanding new data and communication capabilities with existing well-used design strategies. Therefore, we like to think that BIM is more of an overall project management tool than it is a design tool.

BIM is all about thinking that is systems based, and finding ways to communicate with everyone involved on the project in new and innovative ways. Architects, construction workers, engineers, and project managers can all use the BIM platform to collaborate by easily and quickly sharing ideas and can work out solutions to any issues in a collaborative and fully informed way. This makes every project involving BIM way more efficient and means it is changing the construction industry in a really positive way.

BIM Company Coming to UAE

Not only does BIM offer users a 3D rendering capability, but it can also use data sets to allow users for factoring in financial parameters, financial considerations and asset management to projects – in real time. It can also be used from a facilities management viewpoint to look at things such as air flow and lighting – again in real time. This makes it an invaluable tool at every stage of the construction project – from conceptual design through fabrication to building operation and maintenance.

The computerisation of all this information makes construction projects so much more efficient when compared with the old hand built 3d model and paper plans that were used in the past. Communication over issues and re-designs can be completed much more quickly than in the past, meaning that there has been a sharp reduction in the number of on-site issues found in buildings where the BIM process has been adopted. This has led to shorter timelines and an increase in return on investment.

As you can see BIM offers many advantages to those in the construction business and embracing this technology has to be the way forward. If you would like to find out more about our BIM Services in Dubai or the UK, then please give us a call on +971 4 556 1988 (UAE) orĀ  +44 (0)161 427 0348 (UK) or alternatively you can send an email to office@thecadroom.com