Architectural Projects Can Really Benefit from BIM and CAD Services

Building Information Modelling (BIM) should be the starting point for most construction projects in the UK nowadays, as the UK Government has instigated this through its ‘Digital Built Britain’ initiative as well as it’s BIM Level 2 mandate. As a company who offer CAD services to the construction industry, BIM is also a large part of what we do on a daily basis, and we have found that offering BIM-ready surveys is critical as it really increases the uptake of BIM. This is why we advise that BIM-ready surveys are used by architects and building contractors in order to make sure that everyone within the project is aware of what is happening every step of the way.

What is a BIM ready survey?

BIM surveys are the first step in enabling architects and building designers to access the vital data they need to design a creative yet useful building solution. They do this through the use of a 3D scanner on site, which is used with more conventional building survey techniques, in order to capture highly accurate and reliable data. This technique provides everyone on the project with BIM ready 3D representations of existing structures, which provide real-world context while removing the need for architects and designers to keep visiting the site.

BIM ready survey takeaways

When undertaking a building design project, it is essential that the architect works closely with the surveyor in order to get an accurate idea of what level of detail is needed in the specification. Having the information from the 3D scanner early on in the project means they can start the design process as quickly as possible. These data files also provide a permanent record of the existing building, which will become important if the building is a listed one. Having all of this data from the outset of the project also means that the architect and designer can work with more confidence as they are working with a lower commercial risk.

Benefits of BIM surveys

There are many benefits of BIM surveys, and they can be divided into three main categories: digital construction, laser scanning and point cloud data.

Under digital construction, the benefits include having a complete picture from the start; having trustworthy information that is easy to distribute, share and access quickly on a regular basis. Having all of the information in digital format also means that a more collaborative way of working can be encouraged as well as more rigorous processes.

The benefits of a BIM survey from a laser scanning point of view are that not only does it capture data in a quicker way, but it also provides more comprehensive data which is pre-qualified.

The overall benefit of a BIM-ready survey though is it gives the architect the confidence that their design is based on highly accurate information which should reduce the risk of errors in the end design.

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