Implement CAD design in your business to reap benefits

Computer Aided Design or CAD has been around since the 1970s. Initially it was a way to reproduce and ultimately replace manual draughting by hand, but soon the cost benefits of CAD began to become apparent. The benefit of CAD systems over manual drafting are the competencies we take for granted from CAD systems today; automated generation of the cost of materials, increased accuracy of designs, greater visualisation with 3D representations amongst many others.

Since the 1970s, CAD design has come a long way, from 2D vector graphics, to 3D representations, moving towards 4D CAD design, which will actively enable more efficient building project and cost management. The benefits of implementing CAD design into your business are manifold and can benefit everyone working on your project, from the architect, building contractor, structural engineer, right through to the building manager and facilities team who will manage and maintain your end product. CAD Designers

Today, designers, architects and engineers face many challenges. With structures, designs and workflows becoming more developed and complex, clients demanding greater value for money and environmental efficiencies being the order of the day; well considered and expert CAD design can make a significant difference to the successful delivery of your construction project.

Employing the services of an expert, flexible and proactive CAD Design Company, such as The CAD Room, can be incredibly valuable; with the benefits speaking for themselves from right before the first brick is laid, right through the entire lifecycle of the building.

The benefits of using CAD design for your business include:

  • Developing higher quality, more accurate and responsive designs
  •  Using both CAD and BIM based workflows for intelligent design
  • Visualising the end product and improving collaboration
  • Exploration of design options for cost efficiency and usability
  • Gaining greater end design visibility earlier in the process
  • Making more informed design decisions
  • Creating more efficient buildings utilising energy analysis tools
  • Helping to resolve conflicts before construction
  • Determining the complexity of the project and cost of labour and materials required
  • Improvement in the accuracy of forecasting expected costs
  • Evaluating the cost of design alternatives
  • Maintaining more accurate budgets
  • Designing with intelligent, information-rich BIM compliant models
  • Documenting the project more accurately, from initial design to fabrication

CAD design offers the client and all project stakeholders a unique insight into the design of the building or structure, giving them the ability to test out the stress factors and tolerances of a building before the build begins, saving time, money and anticipating potentially troublesome problems arising before it’s too late.

The CAD Room offers a full CAD design service, tailored to the needs of both you and your project. Founded in 2003 The CAD Room has an established track record of success with their clients and projects across the UK. The team are fully aware of the benefits of CAD design and work collaboratively with project teams to ensure the best outcomes for each project.

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