BIM Can Bring Many Opportunities For Your Business.

You may feel like you have heard us talk about nothing else but Building Information Modelling recently, and we hold our hands up to that. But there is a reason for this. Back in 2016, the UK Government made BIM compulsory for all public projects, but this doesn’t mean that everyone is at the same place when it comes to adoption. A lot of people are putting it off as they don’t think they have the time or money, while others are desperate to jump on board, but it is low on their company’s list of priorities. As a company that offer services such as BIM in Dubai and the UK, we are really excited by the opportunities it brings, and the real importance it should have.

Many of the blocks put in the pathway to BIM adoption are subjective ones, such as not being clear about what it involves, false ideas of how much it will cost, and not being sure of how it will add to the day-to-day workload. This has not been helped by the fact that until recently there was a focus on BIM being used in large-scale new build projects, which has led to some construction companies thinking it is not a tool for them. Yes, BIM has great advantages for larger projects, especially regarding clash detection and scheduling issues, but it also has great advantages for smaller projects too, as it allows the sharing of essential information at every handover point meaning the project will run more smoothly.

Another aspect of BIM that often gets overlooked is the potential cost savings it can bring to companies of all sizes. BIM is designed in 3D from the outset of the project, unlike CAD design, and you are left with a miniature version of the building you are constructing which is augmented with lots of highly accurate data. This means that building owners can be offered a virtual walkthrough of the building before the first brick is even laid, and any potential issues can be identified before the construction process even starts.

BIM Company Coming to UAE

BIM is not only leading the way as a visualisation tool, but it is also starting to be recognised as a highly advanced database. Looking at BIM like this is a great way to get past the “it’s too complicated” argument, as every database has to start somewhere. If you waited until you had all of the information before you fill in your database, then you would never have a database. Every construction project that you complete using BIM will add more and more data to your database, continually developing as your projects develop.

The advantages of BIM, therefore, cannot be denied, but not everyone has the resources available to input it into their business. For example, many small architectural practices and building consultants just cannot justify the initial investment – both for purchasing the necessary software and also ensuring their team are trained with the skills they need to operate it effectively. This is where we come in. At The CAD Room, BIM is our standard way of working, and we already have the technology and manpower in place to help our clients, whatever size of company they are and however large or small their building project is.

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