Stockport Architecture – Hidden Gems

The CAD Room are based in the large town of Stockport in the North West of England. Stockport neighbours Manchester and is often seen as its slightly less glamorous and cosmopolitan cousin, which is a shame because we think Stockport has some fantastic hidden gems, here are some of our favourites.

Stockport Architecture

Stockport Viaduct widening 1887–89

The Stockport Plaza – opened in 1932 and first used as a theatre and cinema, the Stockport Plaza has recently been renovated after some years of near dereliction. These days it is a lively part of the Stockport entertainment scene, with a full bill of theatre shows and a proper 1930s style café restaurant where you can take tea in style, the Stockport Plaza is well worth a visit. The Plaza is renowned for being a fine example of 1930s Art Deco Architecture, which is still a popular style today.

Stockport Viaduct – one of the most famous architectural landmarks in Stockport, if not the north of England, Stockport Viaduct is a large brick-built bridge which carries the West Coast Main Line across the valley of the River Mersey. The 27 arch viaduct took 21 months to build and stands at 33.85 metres high and today is still one of the world’s biggest brick structures. Stockport viaduct was officially opened on 4 June 1840 and was refurbished by Network Rail in 2011. It is an impressive piece of architecture and engineering and still has the power to take our breath away today!

Staircase House – Staircase House is among one of the oldest buildings in Stockport, dating from around 1460 it is a grade 2* listed building. Originally it was a dwelling house but has been used in the twentieth century as both a café and a storage unit for the nearby market. Staircase House got its name from the distinctive Jacobean cage newel staircase that was installed in 1618 by the Shallcross family who were resident at that time. Having been painstakingly restored by the Stockport Heritage Trust, Staircase House is now open to the public, offering a unique glimpse into the life of medieval and renaissance Stockport.

The Stockport Pyramid – one of the most famous and distinctive modern landmarks in the North, this distinctive steel framed structure is mostly covered in glass panelling and was famously called a “monstrous carbuncle” by Prince Charles. The pyramid was completed in 1992 but lay empty until 1995 when The Co-operative Bank opened it as a call centre. It is a very “marmite” building, but it has over the years become a key part of the identity of Stockport and one of its most iconic buildings.

Stockport has a rich industrial history which is evident when you walk around and really look at the buildings, the wonderful Victorian lines of the municipal buildings, the Art Deco visual treats at the Plaza and the modern day office blocks and buildings which are being built show that the town still has a thriving economy. We are proud that we are using our CAD Services in Stockport to help build a bright future for our home town.

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