3D and 2D CAD and BIM Design

Did you know that many businesses nowadays are sitting on highly valuable assets that they have not yet unlocked the potential of? As unbelievable as this may sound, as a company who offer CAD services, we know that many companies around the UK are sitting on libraries of 2D drawings that could be updated to be of better use for them with the help of 3D CAD software. By converting your old library of 2D CAD drawings to a library of 3D CAD drawings, you can release the potential of these assets by giving yourself access to a library of up-to-date designs which you can use in a variety of ways that are better suited to the modern market. This is true whether your intention is to find a more efficient way of manufacturing your products or just to be able to show your past work as fully-rendered 3D design models.

CAD Services UKWhile a lot of headlines at the moment are focussed on 3D printing, it is just as important to update old 2D drawings to make them compatible with standard Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines as well. If you leave any drawings in the 2D form, it means that you are severely limiting their uses, and you will struggle to get them to fit today’s modern manufacturing methods. With all methods of printing constantly developing and new possibilities opening up on a daily basis, updating your 2D drawings to 3D not only unlocks them as potential assets for 3D printing, but also allows them to be produced more cheaply as well.

Although there is a wide variety of original 2D formats even a plain old drawing on paper is sufficient enough to help you to produce an effective and detailed conversion. And with the advances in technology in the fields of 3D printing, there has never been a better time to unlock the potential of your 2D library and bring your company right up-to-date in the modern market.

3D models can now be rendered in animation suites, meaning that you can explore buildings from a variety of angles, as well as exploding the view in order to be able to show each component of the project separately. This allows you to give everyone involved in the project a better idea of what the finished project will look like. It is a much more eye-catching and informative way to showcase your designs to potential clients too.

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