If you work in the construction industry, then you will have seen the term ‘BIM Manager jobs’ more and more in recent years. But what does this term mean, what do these people do and do you need one for your business?

For many companies, when they are thinking about placing ads for BIM Manager jobs, they are usually looking for a person who will implement changes to the way the company works in a digital way. Glancing through a few BIM Manager job ads will soon show that there is no one set task list for a BIM manager, as it is a role which varies from company to company and across sectors. Also, the role of a BIM Manager is always changing as working practices have to evolve to meet the evolving demands of the digital construction revolution we are seeing at the moment.

So, What Does A BIM Manager Manage?

Although we have just said that there is no standard job description for a BIM Manager, there are some things that they all have in common. Broadly speaking a BIM Manager is someone who has responsibilities regarding the planning, design, delivery and operation of assets. Although the word Manager appears in the job title, it is not a traditional management role, in that it is more concerned with change management than people management. A BIM Manager has to handle all of the technology, processes and policies of a company in order to ensure there is collaboration throughout the whole construction process.

What Skills Does a BIM Manager Need?

The BIM Manager role has developed over time as a response to construction companies needs to implement new technology, and so many BIM Managers will have a tech background and a definite interest in this area. The BIM Manager role has also developed to include the need for a knowledge of workflows, an ability to develop processes and policies, and also an ability to successfully implement changes.

As you can see, BIM Managers need a wide set of skills in order to manage and drive change, in order to allow companies to fully reap the benefits of the digital revolution that is taking place in construction at the moment. It is not a role for someone who wants a quiet life, as a BIM Manager has to be able to flag issues and concerns to the leadership team in order to ensure the most well-informed decision is being taken at any time.

So, What Does A BIM Manager Do?

It is quite hard to really define what a BIM Manager’s role is as their day-to-day tasks will depend very much on what projects they are working on, and at what stage in the process they are at. Their role will also change as more stakeholders engage with the BIM workflows.

Are BIM Manager Jobs, Jobs for Life?

BIM is still a fairly new concept in the UK, but in time it will become standard practice for contractors, designers, engineers and so on. This means that it is likely that the BIM Manager role, as such, will be absorbed into everyone’s job description and there won’t be a need for anyone to own the BIM process as everyone will own the BIM process. However, this is a long way off, and at the moment the BIM Manager role remains crucial as construction firms continue to transition from a traditional delivery system to a digital one.

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