As a company who offer service connected to BIM in Dubai, we know that it is a city that is well on its way to earning the title of the ‘3D Printing Capital of the World.’ In fact, Sheikh Mohammed of the United Arab Emirates, recently stated that Dubai plans to be the global leader in 3D Printing by 2030, and he has even set out a very comprehensive plan to ensure that this happens. The official plans name is ‘The Dubai 3D Printing Strategy.’ and the municipal leaders are already working at a pace to achieve it, especially when it comes to the housing market – and they should be celebrated for doing this as there is no time to waste when you want to be number one!

The Dubai 3D Printing Strategy has three main focuses, and these are:


Medical Products

Consumer Products

But so far most of the progress seems to have been focusing on the area of construction, as in May 2016 Dubai saw the opening of the world’s first entirely 3D printed, fully functional office building! This amazing structure only took 17 days to print and two days to install – which is mind-blowing regarding construction! This is only the start though, as the municipal leaders of Dubai are aiming to be in a position where 25% of Dubai’s buildings will be 3D printed, and they are already in the process of setting up rules and regulations concerning the implementation of 3D printed buildings in the area.The Burj al Arab Hotel CAD

As you can imagine, they have conducted a lot of research into what the best practices concerning 3D printing are, and they have spent a lot of time talking to companies who already have experience in the fields of 3D printing and construction. They are also planning a series of workshops in order to get to the bottom of the exact practicalities they need to take into account when putting the technology concerned with 3D printing to use.

On top of all this work regarding construction and 3D printing, Dubai has also recently introduced a green building technology rating system that categorises all structures depending on how well they meet the designated sustainability standards. They have also put into place a sanction meaning all buildings must meet at least the bronze standard in order to achieve a permit. This is in line with the other aim of Dubai, which is to become the greenest city in the world by 2050.

These two goals are huge, but they do go hand in hand as they have already shown with their 3D printed solar -powered Smart Palm Technology hubs, and its solar park. This shows the commitment that Dubai’s leaders have to make it the number one city of the 21st century, and it is wonderful to watch everything they are doing here.

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