Today’s global economy has impacted on construction businesses in many ways, not least by increasing the amount of competition there is out there amongst architects, contractors, and building manufacturers. This increase in global competition paired with the additional pressure of new entrants and innovative start-ups have made it more and more difficult for construction companies to thrive.

In order to keep abreast with all of the challenges that are being thrown at them, many companies have shifted their focus from market factors such as cost or time-to-market, towards more product-centric strategies. They have pinned their hopes on this being the solution, and so are heavily reliant on design tools such as AutoCAD and Revit in order to be able to bring high quality, high performing and innovative products to the market.

This is a great idea in theory,  but there are some entry barriers to success that need to be considered such as:

  • Are you current CAD Tools holding you back
  • If your CAD Tools are outdated, what needs to be considered before you change them
  • Should you convert your archived data to the new format
  • Do the benefits of updating your CAD system outweigh the potential risks?

These are just some of the various business reasons that are influencing companies when they come to decide whether to upgrade their existing CAD systems or outsource the whole thing. Other influences also include supply chain relationships, vendor’s design vision and holistic 3D CAD solutions being offered by CAD design services companies. All of these things together have led to a bigger picture view which has made management teams start to view CAD as one of the key strategic pieces of a larger product development solution, and they are beginning to realise that a good CAD design services company can act as an experienced addition to their existing in-house team.

Some of the advantages of working with a CAD Drawing Services company include:

  • The avoidance of costly mistakes in design and production
  • A reduction in manufacturing time enabling you to create products more quickly
  • A reduction in the conception time for new designs
  • Easy visualisation of complex technical elements
  • Documentation can be provided to multiple users in various forms
  • Clarity of documentation and quality of designs making it easier to apply new ideas

Two of the most popular tools that are in use today for CAD Design are AutoCAD and Revit – as they are tools that can help clients to professionally design structures and building plans rather than drawing them manually. These are quite specialised tools that need to be utilised by people with specific skillsets in order to get accurate results in the shortest amount of time. Pairing with a company who provide CAD services will enable you to save money on training costs, overheads and operations while acting as an extension of your existing team.

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