CAD Services Inhouse Vs CAD Outsourcing – The True Cost

As a company who offer CAD services, we know that many firms struggle with the decision of whether to employ their own CAD Technician or to outsource this work to one of the many CAD outsourcing companies available today. Obviously, this is not an easy decision to make, and there are many factors that come into play when making this decision. The deciding factor, however, is usually cost, as it is usually more cost effective for many small businesses to outsource this skill rather than to employ someone in-house.

It is important to remember that the true cost of an employee comes down to more than just their salary, but salary is a good place to start when looking at comparing costs of outsourcing vs. employing. Recent surveys have shown that the average salary of a CAD Technician, for example, is anywhere between £20,000 and £35,000 depending on their skill level. If a company is looking to hire just one CAD Technician, who will be managed by someone who doesn’t have CAD experience, then they will need to employ someone who is highly experienced and skilled – this will cost more.

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As well as the salary cost of the CAD employee, there are other associated costs, such as a one-off cost for the CAD software, annual subscription fee for the CAD software, a CAD workstation (which is usually much more expensive than a normal office workstation), and regular training to ensure your CAD Technician is up to date with the latest working practices and technology advances in the market. Other associated costs that will apply to any employee include holiday pay, sickness pay, and so on.

Professional architectural CAD services company’s charges will obviously vary dependent on industry sector, software application and turnaround time. They may work out to be more expensive per hour than an in-house technician, but you should keep in mind the added benefits of using one of the leading CAD outsourcing companies. One of the major benefits of outsourcing your CAD work is increased efficiency, as the time that you would have spent on ensuring that the work is completed on time in-house can now be spent focusing on another part of the business.

Other benefits of outsourcing your CAD services include access to a full range of services, practicality and access to the best talent around. An architectural CAD services company has computer aided design as their core competency, and so have internal checking procedures, data management systems and systems for revision, as well as a management structure that will guarantee a high level of quality work every time. The knowledge of the staff that work there is also a great boon, as they will have an innate knowledge of which software to use, how the drawing should be laid out and the information the drawing should include.

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