The benefits of BIM compliance in the UK

CAD DrawingsBuilding Information Modelling or BIM is a process involving the production and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of buildings and structures. At present in the UK BIM software is used by individuals, businesses and government agencies to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain diverse physical infrastructures, such as water, wastewater, electricity, gas, refuse and communication utilities, roads, bridges and ports, houses, apartments, schools and shops, offices, factories, warehouses and prisons.

In recent years there has been a move by the government and industry towards BIM compliance, ensuring that going forward BIM software packages are compatible with each other and more easily integrated. This should ensure that future construction projects can be effective managed throughout their lifecycle. Design companies like The CAD Room offer as standard BIM compliant designs and are happy to help and advise project managers regarding their BIM needs.

The UK programme that is based on the BIS BIM Strategy is currently the most ambitious and advanced government driven programme in the world. The UK is one of the global leaders in tackling the challenge of BIM compliance and standards development, by becoming a global leader in this there is a significant opportunity for key industry stakeholders to win new work, grow and develop their businesses and in turn increase employment. It is clear that BIM compliance can bring huge benefits to businesses in the UK.

UK wide there have been a number of drivers for the adoption of BIM, these were discussed in the BIS BIM Strategy and the Government Construction Strategy published in 2011. Chiefly BIM compliance will:

  • Improved visualisation of the construction project, allowing issues to be anticipated and dealt with prior to the start of the project
  • Reduce asset costs and achieve greater operational efficiency
  • Facilitate greater efficiency and effectiveness of construction supply chains
  • Assist in the creation of a forward-thinking sector on which we can base our growth ambitions
  • Improved productivity due to easy retrieval of information
  • Increased coordination of construction documents
  • Increased speed of delivery of the finished project

Additionally BIM compliance will enable industry to make intelligent decisions about construction methods, work towards safer working conditions, implement greater energy efficiencies and assist facilities and building managers to proactively maintain and manage a building throughout its intended lifecycle.

Going forward, BIM compliance can only lead to greater efficiencies in the construction industry, passing the cost savings and long term management and maintenance benefits on to the end user and ensuring the building is efficient in terms of both cost and energy for the future.

Within the building service industry, The CAD Room has a good reputation in terms of offering a complete range of specialised CAD services, for any project in both the UK and UAE. Specialising in mechanical and electrical building services, The CAD Room are also able to facilitate the full co-ordination of drawing to support your project utilising BIM compliant software. The CAD Room utilises Autodesk, CAD MEP+ and Revit to create innovative, intelligent designs that have the wow factor.

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