There is growing adoption of BIM in the construction sector, as the benefits of a collaborative approach have been clearly shown. This growing use of BIM has also increased the demand for our surveying services, as surveying for BIM can lead to better-informed design decisions.

What is a survey for BIM?

BIM is the acronym used for Building Information Modelling, a type of modelling that uses individual data points to represent what they will look like when combined visually.

One of the most vital components of BIM, therefore, is the capture of these data points and the maintenance of them across multiple agencies for the lifespan of the building.

What are BIM surveys used for?

BIM surveys are used in situations where the continuity of the data points needs to be safely stored for future use.

For example, all public sector projects now require Stage 2 BIM to ensure a more collaborative undertaking between all agencies involved. BIM surveys can be used to store data about the structure of the building itself, as well as geographic and spatial relationships between facilities’ components.

What are the benefits of surveying for BIM?

Investing in surveying services as part of your BIM project allows you to capture a granularity of detail that will improve data and increase decision-making efficiency throughout the project lifecycle, from building design through construction and even to building maintenance.

What do building surveyors do?

Building surveyors undertake to ensure that building projects are completed as scheduled and within budget. They do this by:

  • Preparing scheme designs showing detailed specifications and costings
  • Organising all of the documents needed for tenders
  • Surveying and determining the condition of any existing buildings on site
  • Advising on energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings
  • Surveyors can also complete a building survey for health and safety of the structure for its occupants
  • They can also carry out feasibility studies for retrofitting and renovation across the project’s lifecycle

How can BIM help building surveyors?

Surveyors primarily work with accurate data that gives them access to measurements, costs, etc. BIM can help surveyors actively access and analyse this data – allowing them to visualise it more easily.

This additional insight into the data enables surveyors to analyse the data better and therefore offer better advice to architects and contractors.

What opportunities does BIM offer surveyors?

When surveyors use BIM

  • it improves collaboration and coordination between all teams involved in the project
  • it helps them to work more efficiently at a lower cost
  • it creates real-time information about the project performance and the ongoing maintenance of the project
  • it can help with sustainability and project performance
  • it can help surveyors to optimise their work effectively

What surveying services does The CAD Room offer?

The surveying services The CAD Room offer include:

As you can see, BIM not only enables surveyors to do their jobs better, but surveyors are also essential for the success of BIM.

If you have a project that requires our services to transform your design into the 3D world so as to collaborate with all other services, then don’t hesitate to contact The CAD Room. We will be happy to provide any assistance you may require.